Silversmith Spotlight – Paul Storr

Paul Storr Hallmark

Paul Storr Hallmark

Revered to be one of the greatest silversmiths of his time, Paul Storr (1771-1844) created beautiful silver works of art that many collectors seek to purchase for their own.

Storr continued in his father’s (Thomas, a chaser) footsteps by apprenticing at the age of 14 in 1785 for 7 years with Paul Fogelberg, a Swede living in London.  Once mastering his skill, Storr partnered with William Frisbee for one year until he decided to venture out on his own and registered his own marks, P.S., with the Assay Office in 1793. During this time period Storr’s pieces took on a very plain Neoclassical style.

Later in 1800, The Royal Goldsmiths to Kings George III and George IV, Rundell and Bridge,

Paul Storr Entree Dish

Paul Storr Entree Dish – Wakefield-Scearce Collection

asked Storr to sell most of his creations through their shop.  It is here that the featured entrée dish was most likely purchased by the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Adolphus (1774-1850) the tenth child and seventh son of King George III and Queen Charlotte.  This is revealed by the coat of arms engraved on the lid of the dish.  This entrée dish is a superb example of Storr’s migrating style from very simple neoclassical works that he began in 1793 to the heavy grand Regency period (1811-1820) styles once he associated with the Royal Goldsmiths.

Storr continued his association with Rundell and Bridge and in 1811 he became a partner with the firm and he continued his association for another 8 years.

Storr then decided to go out on his own again as his style was again changing, this time to more a Rococo influence.  Evidently freelancing was not Storr’s ideal situation and he then began a partnership with Mortimer until he retired in 1838.

To this day, Storr’s pieces are highly prized in many collectors collections and they continue to increase in value.


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